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Introducing Our New, Old Name: EcoRider Scooter


Jan. 2017

Today, we have exciting news to share with our community. After months of hard work, we are officially changing our company name from Shenzhen Xinli Escooter Technology Co., Ltd to Shenzhen EcoRider Robotic Technology Co., Ltd. We are absolutely thrilled to make this change, as we think it better captures who we are and what we are trying to accomplish in the future.

As part of our rebrand, we have built new website but we will keep site In addition to our new graphics and colors, you will notice that we streamlined our site navigation significantly so that users can more easily learn about our brand products and get video up on the sites. We also renamed our popular online video platform. When you have a moment, please go explore our new site. It was a massive move for us and we would really appreciate your feedback!

Why the Rebrand?

Shenzhen Xinli Escooter Technology Co., Ltd was founded five years ago when it acquired EcoRider Robotic, which was in the nascent stages of customer adoption. At the time, green transporter is more and more popular and with unsatisfied influence of our old brand Escooter,we rename our brand EcoRider which means Ecology,Conservation and Optimization Robotic transporters for Riders. So our goal was simple: to provide latest fashion ECO Robotic transporters.

Over the ensuing five years, the world of electric vihcles underwent dramatic change: electric vihcles consumption exploded, new self balancing scooters such as Segway and Hoverboard began driving a significant portion of electric transporters, more and more people accept this new way transport and love it.It even became the most popular products in 2015.

With these changes came increasing sales,more and more people want to find a brand supplier with good quality products. Seeing the changing landscape, we quickly iterated on a New brand and designs and it became a critical tool for buyers to find us and our latest designs. Today, the popularity of EcoRider has grown dramatically and it is now popular in the world. We are truly humbled and grateful to have such amazing support from so many people around the world.

Now, with that as a bit of background, here’s why we chose to rename our company EcoRider:

First, EcoRider has become a famous electric scooters especially self balancing scooters supplier in China and overseas. It is a widely recognized and valuable brand in the electric vehicles marketplace. By changing our name and branding to EcoRider, we closely associate our company name with the product that people know and love.

Second, the term ‘Xinli Escooter’ can sometimes be associated with niche content or confused with other company in China.And the brand ‘Escooter’ is more like a word which implied that we do not serve the brand or scooter with low-quality.The reality is that we only fcus on mid-high quality electric vehicles,we use brand or self developed high quality parts for all our products,and we are keeping developing new products to meet buyers requirement. We want our company name to reflect who we are and what we do.

What it Means for Customers

While our rebrand introduces several new wrinkles in how we market ourselves, what remains unchanged is our complete commitment to delivering amazing products and support to our customers. Here’s what we are focused on in the coming months:

Self Balancing Scooters. During the past year, we introduced a new model E8 with many new features,brushless motor,double battery and APP functions,they win many good reviews after users test.

EcoRider has long been the leader in Segway style self balancing scooters. We will continue to dedicate significant resources to our efforts on this front.

Later this year, for example, we will introduce rental system support into EcoRider.

Light Foldable Electric Scooter. Since the release of our EcoRider E4 model in mid of 2015, we have added several features in our new designs, including new material,standing design. In the coming year, we will be rolling out advanced accebrator, brake,bluetooth,APP ,among many other things. One thing worth mentioning is that we will continue to make new design for EcoRider products, such as fashion high quality folding electric bike. However, we do think you will see tremendous value in these additional services.

Needless to say, we are enormously excited to share these and other new offerings with you in the future.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has supported and contributed to the growth and success of EcoRider. With your help we have had an unbelievable journey over the last five years. We are incredibly excited about the next phase of our company and look forward to the opportunity to work together with you.


Sen Chou

CEO, EcoRider

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