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Product after-sales service process:
The user can call +86 755 2834 8423 or email the sales for assist the after-sales service. Or Contact directly the dealer where you bought for after sales service.
After receipt of the user's faulty product, we will report the analysis, fault liability, maintenance cost and expected maintenance time of the product to the user within 3 working days.  To speed up solve the problem. Please write clear personal information,problems, contact information and other details in packaging together to return our factory.
If the user have no objection on the cause of the malfunction, fault liability, maintenance costs and maintenance time and other issues, we began to repair the product;
Warranty service is still available for products that have been repaired, within the warranty period, or within 3 months of repair.
For return or replacement which caused not by product quality, we will charge corresponding loss of product costs and operating expenses.
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